Zoltán Sass

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Zoltan is a certified GYROTONIC trainer, with the background of physiotherapy, dance and competitive movements.After pursuing his dance career he got burned out by the grinding abuse of body & soul eventually pushed him to seek one's true self in natural movements.

His classes guides to maximize one's energy, discovering the potential, feel complete freedom, and control of the body as softness and strength unites in harmonious motion.

Session allows to feel and develop inner balance ,uprightness,peace,strength and softness, authentic communication of body and one' self. Fine sense for space,time, general energy and needs of the moment.

Allowing the natural capacity of intuition and perception.Focus towards the mental, social and physical presence and development of the human being – to enhance his general personal awareness and authentic identification.

Simply a life in the here and now, that brings the moment to bloom and one’s entire life to general prosperity .

Offering rehabilitation,postural correction,preparation of professional athletes-dancers and anyone on any field & walk of life.