Are these exercises suitable for my age/weight/fitness level etc?

You don’t need a movement background of any kind to take a Gyrotonic®, Gyrokinesis® or Pilates class. The Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis Instructor will organise each session into beginner, intermediate or advanced exercise sequences depending on the needs of the client(s) she/he is teaching. In addition, the Instructor will modify exercises to accommodate the unique needs, and abilities of each person.
The Gyrotonic®, Pilates & Gyrokinesis® Method are  great exercise choices for anyone who wants to safely & effectively recondition their body. For the absolute beginner, two or three private sessions with a Gyrotonic® Instructor is the best way to get started. A skilled Instructor will be able to assess your range motion and ability and will choose exercises and modifications specific to your needs and abilities.
Both Pilates, Gyrokinesis® & Gyrotonic® methods utilise specialised equipment to facilitate better movement patterns. Both methods emphasize mindful movement and the incorporation of movement and breath, but the equipment, strategies and exercise principles of each method are distinct from one another.
Whether a weekend warrior, or competing at a professional level, athletes can experience profound improvements in performance and injury prevention with a regular Gyrotonic & Pilates practice.