Strength and Flexibility

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The most basic function of Gyrotonic is improving the strength and flexibility of students. These benefits are some of the most tangible and sought-after effects, and regular practice will produce these as well as many others.


Gyrotonic improves your fitness while giving overused muscles a rest, balances your body and stabilises the spine for improved posture, creating lean muscle. In Gyrotonic, the quality of the work comes before the quantity, allowing for accurate movements aimed to target specific muscles.


Unlike other exercises, Gyrotonic incorporates exercise from a 3-dimensional angle, making it a balanced and holistic practice which increases strength and flexibility in all directions. The circular movements guide the muscles smoothly between contraction and extension, producing a strong centre and balanced support throughout the body. It lengthens and strengthens all the muscles and joints and decreases compression in the spine, all while simultaneously building your stamina, strength, and overall health.