Strength and Flexibility

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While it is not traditionally thought of as a strength exercise, Pilates is a strength-based workout with an emphasis on core strength and stability. The amount of support and resistance is highly flexible in Pilates, allowing you to receive exactly how much you need. Pilates strengthens your core, improves your posture, and tones your muscles in a way that is tailored to your personal goals, allowing you to build long, lean muscles.

In addition, you will notice an increase in the stretch and length of the muscles. Pilates is known to change your body and create a leaner look, balancing your body’s musculature and allowing you to move with grace. While Pilates focus on the core, you will also notice strength gains in your arms and legs, as you rely on extremities to control or apply loads to the core.

Unlike traditional strength movements, Pilates places a strong emphasis on technique and performing each movement with precision. This prevents common gym mistakes that often result in injuries and a lack of progress.