Stephanie Nightingale

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Stephanie has been teaching GYROTONIC® and Pilates since 2004, and has been passionate about exploring movement for as long as she can remember. First introduced to Pilates in 1992, as a student in The Boston Ballet training program, she fell in love with the focus and precision of the work. She continued to study Pilates and GYROKINESIS® during her undergraduate work in Ballet and Modern Dance performance at the Boston Conservatory, with Kathy Van Patten. Kathy became a great mentor and encouraged Stephanie to train as a Pilates and Gyrotonic teacher when a back injury temporarily sidelined her dance studies. She is forever grateful to Kathy for her encouragement and support opened the door to a practice, which has infinitely deepened her relationship to her body and to movement, and which has truly changed her life. 

Stephanie aspires to share this passion for movement with all of her clients, and aims to provide a nurturing and supportive environment so they may journey inward and explore the possibilities that exist within. She believes that while we all share certain anatomical commonalities, like hearts and bones, each client is unique, and ever-changing, and she strives to tailor each session to meet the needs and demands of the individual before her. She prioritises efficiency, economy, and ease of movement, with an attention to breath and awareness. Stephanie’s instruction is clear, and she relies heavily on the use of imagery and metaphor as a way of engaging the imagination, one of the human being’s most powerful allies. 

Over the course of her performing career, Stephanie has experienced many injuries and set-backs, including two knee surgeries, as well as lower back, and hip injuries. But pain and suffering can be great teachers, and these difficult experiences have given her a great deal of compassion and wisdom when working with those who are injured or in chronic pain.  

In addition to Gyrotonic and Pilates, Stephanie’s teaching has been inspired over the years by the work of B.K.S. Iyengar, Moshe Feldenkrais, Vanda Scaravelli, Gary Carter, Bo Forbes, Irene Dowd, and Baguazhang- a form of Chinese internal martial arts. 

In addition to being a certified Gyrotonic and Pilates Instructor, Stephanie is also qualified on the Jump and Stretch Board, Gyrotoner, Leg Extension Unit, Archway, and Gyrokinesis. In 2016, she began a year-long course on Experiential Anatomy with Gary Carter. In addition to teaching, Stephanie continues to perform and dance, most notably working since 2009 with Punchdrunk, an experimental theatre company specializing in large-scale immersive productions.