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It is essential for older adults to maintain their fitness, but many workouts involve heavy weight-bearing activities that place a harsh strain on the joints. Because Pilates focuses on quality over quantity, there is a low risk of injury as movements are highly controlled. It is a safe way to get into a new, gentle, and individualized exercise regimen.

One of the main reasons why Pilates is so successful in older clients is because of how easy it is to modify traditional movements to meet specific needs. Most physical conditions can therefore be accommodated in a Pilates setting. The majority of beginner Pilates movements are done either sitting or laying down, reducing the risk of falling much lower than it is in other exercises.

Age related ailments can also be lessened with the practice of Pilates. Pilates can ease suffering caused by arthritis by decreasing the chance of joint compression. In addition, Pilates can help osteoporosis by increasing bone density of the spine and hip, or stenosis, by stretching out muscles and extending the spine to counteract the forces of gravity that may cause hunching.In short, a list of benefits include…

- Better stability and balance
- Relief of ailments
- Improved joint health
- Improved circulation and respiration
- Improved strength and flexibility