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Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but with pregnancy comes many challenges that a woman will face over the course of 9 months and many years thereafter. However, the inability to maintain strength and flexibility does not need to be of them. Gyrotonics and Pilates allow pregnant woman to not only remain active throughout pregnancy, but to reduce many common consequences of the strain pregnancy puts on your body. Gyrotonics and Pilates can be very beneficial for you and your baby, both during prenatal preparation and postpartum recovery. 

Prenatal Preparation

During pregnancy, specialised Gyrotonics, Gyrokinesis, and Pilates may help you to stay in touch with your body, prevent injuries, relieve specific conditions, and generally improve your physical wellness. Benefits of Gyrotonics and Pilates during pregnancy may include…
- Reducing lower back strain, fatigue, and other posture-related issues
- Preventing varicose veins, incontinence, leg swelling, and cramps due to increased blood circulation and muscular activity
- Strengthening of the pelvic wall and building of stamina to assist in child birth 
- Maintaining strength and flexibility
- Increasing blood circulation and oxygen to the womb 
- Strengthening the spine to support the weight of the baby
- Lengthening the abdominal muscles to support the uterus
Postpartum Recovery
Following your pregnancy, Gyrotonics, Gyrokinesis, and Pilates allow you to go through active recovery as your body readjusts. Benefits include:
- Recovering abdominal strength and toning more rapidly
- Relieving upper body tension
- Regaining strength and energy