Melody Sach

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Melody is a certified instructor in the Gyrotonic Expansion System. She also has a BA in Psychology, with an emphasis in Education from Marymount University.

Although she is newly qualified, she’s not new to Gyrotonic. Melody’s curiosity led her to Gyrotonic over five years ago. Before that she was a devoted Pilates practitioner for over 15 years-attending classes each week. She loved the length and flexibility that a consistent Pilates practice provided, but once she discovered Gyrotonic, her real passion was sparked.

After her first session, she was hooked and became a regular client of Master Trainer Beatriz Pascual. Melody’s weekly one-to-one sessions inspired her passion for learning more about the practice-leading her to the teacher certification program where she could explore the many sophisticated layers of the Gyrotonic Expansion System.

Being physically active her entire life, Melody has experienced firsthand the benefits of supplementing a varied workout schedule with weekly Gyrotonic sessions. When she’s not teaching Gyrotonic, she’s attending outdoor bootcamps, HIIT classes, yoga classes, or playing tennis. Gyrotonic has helped her overcome chronic knee pain and tennis elbow, while also improving her overall agility and stamina.

“The Gyrotonic Expansion System has taught me how to move with intention and consciousness. Thinking about movement in a sophisticated way inspires the exploration and discovery of new possibilities-not only in my physical activities, but in all aspects of my life.”