Marguerite Galizia

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Marguerite Galizia is a dance artist and Pilates teacher. She trained at London Contemporary Dance School and has a BA(Hons) in Contemporary Dance and an MA in Choreography. Marguerite has been teaching Pilates since 2007. Her Matwork training was accredited by the Pilates Foundation in association with The Place Artist Development, where she was taught by Susanne Lahusen, Sonia Noonan and Hanna Jones.

Since graduating in 2007 Marguerite has built up a wide network of clients and classes in the North West and Central London areas. She completed her equipment apprenticeship with Dominique Jansen at Pilates Off The Square in 2015. She is a member of the Pilates Foundation and the Pilates Professionals Group. An eye for detail and a genuine love for movement combine into the rich, detailed approach that characterises Marguerite's teaching.

My Philosophy

Due to the central focus on core strength in the Mat, Pilates has been closely associated with core stability and is often prescribed as a treatment for lower back pain. However the method’s effectiveness does not stop there. Pilates develops tone and flexibility that is optimal for your whole body. My philosophy is that if you experience pain, whether that’s in the back, hips, shoulders, knees or feet, the most likely cause is poor movement patterning bringing about wear and tear on joints. My teaching combines both precision and a body-wide approach to re-educate those poor habits and as a result it can not only relieve pain but also get your whole body moving and feeling better.

“Marguerite pays meticulous attention to the smallest details which make a very real difference to each exercise. Her knowledge and experience in biomechanics means she is able to treat each person she sees as an individual, making small adjustments to posture or technique so that the benefits of each position are maximised. Classes with Marguerite are friendly and relaxed, yet you always leave with the feeling you have worked hard!”
– Client Testimonial 

Classes at Kings Cross Studios

Group Equipment Class     Tuesdays 5 - 8.30pm

£30 per session (£275 for 10 sessions)

Private Equipment Class    Tuesdays 2 - 5pm     

£70 per session (£650 for 10 sessions)

The group class runs between 5-8.30pm every Tuesday. You can book in at any time within this three hour slot for a class lasting 1hr15min. The class has a rolling start time, so there are no more than 4 people at any one time, with people starting and ending at different times. The latest start time is 7.15pm.

For clients with more serious rehab conditions I strongly recommend the private session option.

Contact Marguerite via her website for discount code