Liz Higginbottom

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A yoga instructor since 2003, a mat Pilates instructor since 2005 and a GYROTONIC® method instructor since 2013, Liz is a seasoned teacher with a firm belief in proper alignment, proper breathing and respect for the techniques.

She came to be an instructor of the Gyrotonic method through the capable and wise hands of Master Trainers: Cherie Dehaven, Lucrezia Caricola and the late, but fabulous, Leda Franklin. The method has greatly enhanced her understanding of daily, life-movement, her instruction of Pilates and yoga, and has rekindled her connection to her past life as a dancer and choreographer.

Injuries have lead Liz to be empathetic to those who come to learn how they can move without pain, though she is quite keen to encourage intensity once the knowledge has soaked deep. Lessons with Liz are comfortable, humorous, enjoyable and thoughtful.