GYROTONIC® is a unique exercise system that allows your body to develop a deep inner strength at the same time as finding spaciousness, freedom and fluidity in every movement.

We use customised equipment to give your body the comfort and support it needs to take you through full body, three dimensional integrated movement patterns that allow your body to expand into its full natural range of motion without jarring or strain.

Participants invariably walk out of the studio feeling taller, calmer and more in harmony with their body.


Regular Practice will help you:

- ​Increase the mobility, stability and resilience of your joints

- Improve your functional range of motion

- Relieve stiffness and pain

- Develop whole-body strength and coordination

- Bring suppleness and uprightness of your spine

-  Enhance your awareness of your body’s movement in space

- Improve your ability to learn new physical skills

- Free up the flow of energy through your body