Gizella Zampetis

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Gizella originally trained as a professional dancer at the University of Culture of St. Petersburg, Russia. During her dance career injury eventually led her to discover Pilates as a form of rehabilitation. She found it solved not only her injury but also addressed the side effects of a lifetime of overstretching and left her dancing pain-free.

After retiring from her dance career, Gizella’s enthusiasm for the Pilates technique brought her to London where she certified with the Pilates Foundation. She has taught throughout London as a Pilates and GYROTONIC® Instructor since 1999 and went on to study Physiotherapy at Brunel Unversity in 2008.

"If I had known about Pilates when I was dancing, I would probably still be in Russia, but my injury changed my life. Now I can help others benefit from my experience and help prevent such problems before they occur." - Gizella Zampetis