Elissar Hanna

As a contemporary dancer in Montreal, Elissar did her first yoga teacher training in 2008 at the Sivananda Ashram in Québec (200+ hours). This first training was a month-long immersion in classical yoga philosophy, physical yoga practice, and yogic lifestyle principles.

Building on those classical yoga roots, she later completed training in Powerflow (40 hours, Todd Lavictoire, 2009) and Vinyasa Flow (40 Hours, Dina Tsouluhas and Ryan Leier, 2011).

In 2013, Elissar developed an interest in muscles, bones, fascia, and connective tissue in the yogic context. She then completed the Yoga Tune Up© Teacher Training, which uses innovative ways to reach into the very deep layers of the body (70 hours, Todd Lavictoire and Amanda Tripp, 2013).

Teaching a variety of yoga styles for several years in Ottawa, Elissar began the certification process in a complementary movement system called GYROKINESIS® in 2016. She became a Certified GYROKINESIS® Apprentice in August 2017 (75 hours, Dana Gingras, 2017) and has taught several workshops in this expansive and strengthening system since that time.

In November 2017, she completed the LoveYourBrain Teacher Training (18 hours, Kyla Pearce, 2017), which allowed her to learn the subtle skills necessary to teach those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries. Elissar has participated in workshops with Todd Norian, Ana Forrest, Ryan Leier, and others. She has also worked as a contemporary dancer with Ghislaine Dôté (Variations sur l’âmentation, 2007-09), LCG Productions (Ôs, 2007-10), and Lara Kramer Danse (Fragments, 2008-10).

In addition to practicing yoga, Elissar is a classical singer and composer, a superfood lover, and a student of Sufism. She teaches Hatha Yoga, Flow Yoga, Yang + Yin Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Yoga Tune Up®, and GYROKINESIS®.

Expect a class that reaches into the deep layers of body, soul, and spirit. You will sweat, open, and strengthen your connection to breath.

“My body is my temple and asanas are my prayers.” — B.K.S. Iyengar