Dylan Elmore

Master Trainer

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Dylan has an extensive career in movement and dance, and brings this lifelong enquiry to his teaching. He is a firm believer that less is more. His class emphasises breath and flow and he believes that this leads to greater ease of movement, evenness of effort and integration, which in turn lead to deeper strength and increased flexibility.

He is passionately curious about the body in motion. His regular movement practices include contact improvisation (which he also teaches), sport climbing and yoga. He continues to delve deeper, bringing his evolving personal enquiry and a sense of humour to every class.

Dylan is a certified GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer and GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer with certifications on all the Gyrotonic specialised equipment as well as Gyrotonic therapeutic applications with relation to osteopathy, the shoulder girdle, scoliosis, the pelvic girdle, pre and post-hip replacement and psoas principles.