Cherie DeHaven

Master Trainer

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Cherie DeHaven is a GYROTONIC® master trainer, GYROKINESIS® pre-trainer, movement educator and meditation facilitator based in London and Amsterdam. She is a natural mover with a broad background including yoga, dance and meditation.

Cherie believes that, with focused intention, positive attention to the desired result and consistent practice, any body can move freely and fluidly with strength, centeredness and grace.

With her encouraging and patient approach, Cherie helps students to find a positive and receptive place from which to develop an enjoyable practice, whether they wish to simply develop themselves or to teach as well. It is her goal to facilitate the creation of conscious embodiment in herself and her students; to both understand something of the anatomy of the physical body and also to see more than just the external physical expression to a deeper more integrated whole being. She is committed to helping people bring conscious awareness to themselves to create balance, freedom of movement, strength, flexibility and wholeness.

As well as training with Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis creator Juliu Horvath, she has trained extensively with many Specialised Master Trainers in the US, the UK, Europe and Brasil. Cherie is influenced also by the work of Hilary Cartwright, Vanda Scaravelli, Gary Carter, Cain Carroll, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Benjamin Creme, and J Krishnamurti amongst others. She is always looking for new ways to learn, grow and expand.

The Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methods with the integration of fluid natural movements, breath, energy and rhythm has been a seminal part of Cherie’s personal development, one which she truly enjoys sharing. Cherie has been practicing the methods for over 16  years and will continue to learn and grow within the methods for life.

She has also trained in anatomy for movement and practiced yoga and meditation for over 26 years. She is passionate about teaching and learning and considers herself a lifelong student.