Susan Hacking

Susan Hacking

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Having studied dance from very young, Susan brings a love of movement and an enthusiasm for teaching to her classes. Her aim is to help each student find the connections in their body to achieve strong, yet fluid movement as well as having an enjoyable exercise experience.

Following a hip injury, Susan came to the GYROTONIC® Expansion System for her own rehabilitation and chronic pain management. She was amazed by the way Gyrotonic has the ability to both strengthen and mobilise the joints at the same time. The resulting sense of ease in both body & mind, coupled with a more stable, more dynamic movement, encouraged her to train as a Gyrotonic teacher and to pass this great feeling on.

Through her extensive experience teaching salsa and Afro-Cuban dance, Susan has developed a 'partner dancer's awareness' of how movement flows through the body and connects you energetically, not only to yourself, but to anything with which you are in contact. She believes that with the right focus and guidance in Gyrotonic anyone can learn to functionally apply its principles to their everyday lives as it helps to improve posture, prevent pain, enhance sporting activities or just to find a little bit of stillness, balance and calm in what can be a stressful, chaotic world.

Susan is a certified Gyrotonic instructor and also a UKA qualified salsa dance teacher.