We believe each person is unique and has the potential to move with fluidity and freedom from pain.

  • Welcome to Kings Cross Studios, home to some of the UK’s most experienced Pilates instructors and London’s leading GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® centre.

    With 16 years experience of helping people, ranging from those in acute pain to elite athletes, our aim is to support your body to find the greatest possible ease, ability and pleasure in movement. All of our trainers are fully accredited members of the Pilates Foundation UK or the Gyrotonic Expansion System.

    In Pilates we offer individual and group equipment classes. For GYROTONIC we are proud to be London’s only fully equipped studio. In addition to offering private and duet classes, we regularly run teacher trainings and host visiting workshops from some of the world’s leading teachers.

    *For class inquiries, please include your availability, class preference(Gyrotonic or Pilates), and any medical conditions.

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    154 Caledonian Road
    London N1 9RD


    Centrally located
    Only a 10 minute walk from
    King's Cross
    St. Pancras Station

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    "I have been attending Gyrotonics at King’s Cross Studios for over a year and I love everything about it. The teachers and classes are great. Gyrotonics is a wonderful exercise and  helps keep my joints strong and mobile. I look forward to each lesson."
    -Clare Leavenworth Bakali

    "I was diagnosed with severe spondylolithesis in my lumbar spine and I was told the solution would be a total lumbar spinal fusion and laminectomy. I was against invasive surgery and decided to find out alternatives. I have now been doing Gyrotonics since early summer  and I am delighted with the progress. I recently walked around the Tour of Mont Blanc with no problem (despite having no ACLs in either knees)!"
    -Diane Sullivan, Client

    "My experience at Kings Cross Studios has been wonderful. It offers a non-intimidating and relaxed environment where the instructors and other participants are friendly and approachable. Not to mention the ways in which the techniques have helped me on many levels."
    - Ursula Taylor, Client
    "What a special studio! How lucky I feel to be a part of it. You have made such a difference to my health and shape in such a short period of time."
    – Kristin Breuss, Client

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